Start a Team

Quick Facts…

Team Size: Teams may vary between 2 and 6 children.

Ages: Kindergarden through 3rd grade students

Affiliation: Teams often organize through schools, neighborhood groups, youth organizations, religious programs, and home schools.

Yearly registration fee: $50.00; includes Challenge Guidelines, Jr.FLL Coaches Guide, access to Jr.FLL Forums, and reduced pricing on LEGO kits.
Optional costs: Registration to attend an official Jr.FLL Expo in Michigan; cost ranges Free to $25.00.
LEGO Kits: Base Kit $182.95. The Base Kit along with several others, are available to purchase on the FIRST website.

Coaches: A team must have at least one coach, 18 years of age or older. TIP! Have the parents of the team members share the load. Split up duties and show by example how a team works together.

Mentors: Many Jr.FLL teams also have mentors, people have skills and knowledge in specific areas. TIP! FRC team members make great mentors. Find a nearby team under: “Michigan FRC>Michigan FRC Teams”.

Resources: For more information on starting a team, please visit Start a Team. Check out FIRST TeamUp, a great new way to connect with others to form teams! Also, see the following documents: